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The employee monitoring softwares enable the management gain insight into the employee and his efficiency. Before the employer engages any digital companies to monitor it’s employees, it is important that they get to know the company well. The employer has to share sensitive data about it’s employees. In many cases, there may be biometric data as well shared with these companies.
The employer has to ensure that the firewalls are in place. Recently, there was an incident where a company was sued by it’s own employees. The Human resource department of the company was tricked into providing tax and income related details of it’s employees to hackers.

This could spell doom, especially in cases of biometric data getting leaked. Cyber crime is on the rise, the employer has to protect itself from possible suing. Employers are also obligated to protect the identity of employees with their company.

Signing a Non-disclosure agreement, having adequate firewalls, excluding external members access to sensitive data are some precautionary measures. Further, the employer is also required to protect sensitive data getting leaked from internal sources. There are possibilities where, existing employees who quit could take along with them data. This data could be exposed to the world over.
Putting up right checks and agreements can help avoid uncomfortable situations for both the employer and the employee.

Engaging the right partner
Many of these employee monitoring systems, point out that they enable identifying and rewarding right employees. These systems may showcase aspects which may otherwise not come to light. These systems are redefining the way in which employees are rewarded and promoted.

They help in avoiding loss of talented personnel. This system may in the future help employers to right size the company. Employee monitors have to be installed with a long term perspective. They have to be accepted by the employees in the right spirit. Only then will the employer be able to achieve what he set out to!          

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