Employee Monitor: I can see you!

Employee monitoring has become quite the thing these days. With increasing competition, there is stress on optimising productivity. Human resource personnel, who used to earlier struggle with multiple excel sheets and followups are now dedicating time more meaningfully.

How have things changed for employees?
For those who used to clock in time religiously, nothing has changed. They are now doing just what they did. Only, they are getting recognition for their efforts. For those, who used to while time away at work things have definitely changed. There are many employees who get their personal work done during office hours. There are people who in the pretext of client calls could go on a shopping spree.Ypu can download free computer monitoring software from this blog.

To avoid these incidents, employers are getting digital help! There are many ways in which employers can monitor employees. One of the most common method is CCTV and smartcards. Most of the multi-national companies follow this practice.

There are others who keep a watchful eye on your computer screen. They take random screenshots of your computer and store them such that they can view it later. This is to understand if you have been working or just browsing.

Monitoring with mobile applications
Smartphone applications are becoming increasingly popular. For employees who are constantly on the move, GPS enabled applications come to the rescue. These GPS enabled applications track the location and log it privately. This log can be accessed by the employer at any point of time.

These applications typically expect you to share credentials and private information. Some of them also ask for photo, video, contact list etc., This could be typical intrusion of privacy. However, most employers use these types of devices on phone instruments provided by them. This will ensure that the employees are not misusing the office assets.

The phone bill is paid by the company itself or re-imbursed. Thus, the employer is required to ensure that they are not paying for private calls and the phone is not being misused. GPS tracking comes in quite handy. It relieves the employee of logging in the client calls he has made.

If the employee calls in sick, then the GPS tracking system can be used to check if the employee is actually at home or elsewhere. It can become quite a bane for those who are being dishonest.

Arm bands for employee monitoring
The arm band that you see on your neighbour may not be a fitness band afterall. It could as well be an employee monitoring system. This again is a GPS tracking system, which tracks the employees’ movement every moment. It sounds spooky at times, but this is quite a fool-proof mechanism of tracking. There are little chances of employees stating that they left their armband elsewhere.
A typical excuse for smartphone is that they forgot to charge the phone, hence it shutdown. They left the phone at a different location. These arm bands eliminate such lapses. They signal when the charge is down. They also are attached to your arms, so you are unlikely to misplace them. Ofcourse, there may be times when you forget to put them on. But the whole idea of an armband is to be able to wear them all the time.

Some of these armbands are also equipped to track your sleeptime. You can have them on while you sleep as well. There are advanced bands which indicate emails, important phone calls. Setting the alarm for important meetings or for waking up is an added feature here.

Like any fitness band which follows your pulse rate and your location, this one too would follow your location. It could also be a smart band which can sync up with your smartphone and track your calls and phone activity.

Change in the role of human resource management
This has reduced the redundancy of human resource management. They are now expected to do work which is more meaningful. Their main objectives revolve around rewarding the hardworking people and identifying the talent which needs to be retained. They are now required to be more innovative in making the workplace a better world.

This automated employee tracking system has changed the world’s perception of productivity. Manual interventions have been eliminated. For workers who are on shifts or rotations, there are computerised systems which make the allocation. There are lesser instances of complaints and conflicts in this regard.

Spreadsheets and followups are no longer a part of human resource personnel’s role / objectives. The reports are automatically generated; the managers are now required to dedicate time on how to improve the way in which the employees are utilised.

For many companies, especially services companies, utilisation rate is a leading indicator of how well the company is doing. It also indicates if they are understaffed or overstafed.
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